Release 2.0.0 (2020-08-26)
  • 09 Sep 2020
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Release 2.0.0 (2020-08-26)

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Release 2.0.0 (2020-08-26)

Fix: Resolve unhandled promise rejection error

Update code to properly resolve promises to resolve error (Issue 246)
The previous inclusion of a polyfill package was resulting in an unhandled promise rejection in some cases. All promises have now been refactored to ensure proper resolution.

Fix: Remove insecure eval() function

Update code to remove security risk with eval() function (Issue 1059)
This update replaces code reliant on the eval() function to interpret plugin configuration options from the Add-in lists with a secure alternative.

Fix: Correct tracking of Single Page App transitions

Update code to alway fire hits with the navigatedEvent callback (Issue 1154, issue 1359)
Modern view uses SPA behavior and a callback function to trigger new "page view" events in some cases. This update corrects an issue where some nagivatedEvent callbacks were ignored due to trying to reference a deprecated property to detect the page URL. The new logic fires an event regardless of the page URL to ensure consistent behavior.

Enhancement: Improve App Extension and Tag Load Time/Performance

Update code to queries configuration lists in parallel to speed up load time (Issue 1227)
Previously the extension would query the 3 configuration lists and the webtrends.js in sequence which resulted in long load times (upwards of ~10 seconds in Chrome) for the extension that could allow lost page view and link click hits if the user left the page before the extension loaded. This update calls the 3 configurations lists in parallel, and includes the webtrends.js as part of the package, greatly reducing the time it takes to send the initial page view hit to as low as ~4 seconds in Chrome, and as low as ~2 seconds when viewing a second page on the same site.

Enhancement: Add tracking of Hub Site Navigation Mega Menu

Update code to support tracking of Hub Site Mega Menus (Issue 407)
SharePoint Online modern sites allow a Hub Site Mega Menu to be used across connected sites. This update adds WT.menu_type=Hub and updates WT.mega_menu to provide the hierarchy of the menu item on a click event.

Fix: Correct tracking of modern document library Share event

Update code to track clicks to Share in the ECB or Command Bar (Ribbon) (Issue 444)
Shares were previously tracked using the confirmation button. SPO has moved the Share window into an iFrame that can't be tracked similarly. We now track the click to the Share link in the Command Bar or ECB menu rather than the confirmation link in SPO.

Fix: Correct Mega Menu Hierarchy in Modern view

Update code to track latest HTML hierachy of site mega menu (Issue 656)
HTML of SPO Modern site Mega Menus changed and existing code was no longer properly tracking the full hierarchy of a click in WT.mega_menu. We now collect the proper hierarchy in classic and modern, and in the cascading or mega menu layouts. This update also adds WT.menu_type=Site to differentiate between Hub and Site nav menus.

Fix: Correct tracking of News Article interactions in different templates

Update code to allow tracking of Article interactions on different site templates (Issue 750, 751)
Article specific code was created using a modern team site template and was not working properly on other site templates such as a Communication site. The detection of the page type has been modified to allow article tracking on any article page including Likes, Saves, Send by Email, etc.

Fix: Normalize Encrypted user properties

Update code to ensure user properties for session tracking are consistently formatted prior (Issue 974)
The DCS.dcsaut and WT.dcsvid parameter values are copied from another specified parameter. Depending on the property, it's possible for this value to be upper or lower case, or a mixture of the two. The analysis engine sees different cases as different user values. This update converts the value to lower case to ensure it is consistent in the log data to properly identify a unique user.

Fix: Correct intermittent unencrypted user data

Update code to wait longer for the encryption file and to not send user properties if not received (Issue 1303)
In rare cases a user's internet connection may be so slow that the encryption JS file is not delivered within the timeout period. This sometimes resulted in unecrypted user data being sent. We now wait longer for the file to deliver, and if the file is not delivered in time, all iuser parameters specified for obfuscation are removed from that hit entirely.

Fix: Correct actions on Documents in modern Sub Folders passing incorrect URL

Update code to properly retrieve the URL of a document(s) when in a library sub folder (Issue 1351)
In some environments the code was not properly detecting required elements, and as a result was passing the currently library page URL as a document URL rather than the real URL found in the query string. This update ensures that the real URL is properly retreived from the page URL parameter even if the required elements are missing.

Fix: Correct tracking of file Deletion in modern document libraries

Update code to track the Delete confirmation button in a modern document library or web part (Issue 1435)
HTML of the Delete confirmation buttons changed, and the tracking of file deletions was not working. This update restores this functionality.

Fix: Correct double hits on News Article web part clickthroughs

Update code to only send one hit when clicking a News Article link (Issue 1436)
This issue arose after some time after correcting tracking of alternative Article layouts. The HTML of the web part resulted in improper detection of the web part type, and the Collect all link clicks? option was sending an additional hit.

Fix: Correct lack of hit on Image Web Part clickthroughs

Update code to send a link click hit on Image Web Parts (Issue 1441)
The Image web part HTML changed and detection of clickthroughs to the web part was lost. This update restores tracking of image clicks with the Collect all link clicks? option.

Fix: Correct lack of hit on Hero Web Part clickthroughs

Update code to send a link click hits on Hero Web Parts (Issue 1441)
The Hero web part HTML changed and detection of clickthroughs to the web part was lost. This update restores tracking of image clicks with the Collect all link clicks? option including the main tile and Call to Action links

Fix: Changing Search Scope No Longer Triggers Page View

Update code to fire new Page View after making a Scope change (Issue 1443)
HTML of the Scope menu changed and detection of clicks to the menu was lost. This update restores detection of the clicks to fire a new Scope Change event for the search results.

Fix: Do not strip non ascii characters from file names and links

Update code to allow non-ascii characters to be sent for document, link title, and URLs (Issue 1444)
Non-ascii characters were previously stripped to improve detection of some interactions, in particular Command Bar actions in document libraries. Some customers found that this caused issues trying to find the correct document name in reports. This update restores non-ascii characters for the reports

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